Overhauling and modernization

Every die caster would love to work only with new equipment, but circumstances sometimes advise that the best way to go is to repair and / or upgrade our existing equipment


The most basic level. When something breaks, we fix it or replace it.


We restore your machine to its original serviceable condition. This involves disassembling the machine, the inspection of the current state of components; repair or replacement of worn /broken parts; reassembly and testing/ trial run to make sure everything is at full operating level.


It is an update of the machine's original technology. It follows the same workflow as the overhauling, but this time technological improvement are added that bring your machine close to the performance offered by a new machine.


In addition to overhauling / modernization, it is possible to integrate different peripherals to increase the level of automation of the die casting process.


We replace the proprietary technology elements of your die casting machines with standard components of leading international brands, saving you a lot of money on repairs / maintenance.

Safety standards

Sometimes older machines are not prepared to meet international safety standards. If that is your case, we can update your machines to comply with the regulations.


Frequently Asked Questions


Up to what level should I make improvements to my used die casting equipment?

There is a point in where it becomes no longer appropiate to keep improving your used die casting equipment because the relative cost of improvements compared to purchasing brand new equipment would be too high. This point varies depending on each case and depends on several factors, such as the size of the machine, its age, its working condition, and its current technology.

Our professionals analyze every case individually and will advise you on the different options available and the maximum recommended investment that you should incur in each particular case.

Do your overhaul peripherals also?


Do you service other brands?

Yes. Our long experience allow us to recondition / modernize die casting machines from the leading brands in the market.

Can you make my die casting machine to comply with international safety standards?

Sometimes older machines are not prepared to comply with international safety standards. If that’s your case, we can update your equipment it to comply with the regulations.

My die casting machine uses proprietary technology that is costing me a fortune to maintain. Can you adapt it to standard market components?

Some brands of die casting machines use proprietary technology elements that result in a significant extra cost for die casters Depending on the model, it is possible to change different components / systems to adapt it to international standard brands and get significant savings on maintenance / repair costs.

I am planning to relocate my plant. Can you help me with the transfer of my die casting machinery?

Definitely. We can help you to move your machines to their new location and, if you want to, we can take the opportunity to review them and leave them in optimum work condition in their new location.

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