We've got just what you need

Your business require high quality machinery able to provide constant results and with an affordable investment. This is exactly what we offer.

Maximum quality

Your die casting machines need to provide constant pressure and speed. Pretransa die casting machines will ensure repeating and consistent results year after year

Reasonable investment

A large part of the profitability of your business depends on your equipment investment. With Pretransa you will not pay more than is necessary to achieve the quality / productivity that your customers demand.

The best ROI

Pretransa die casting machines offer one of the best price/quality relationships you can find. This means more value for your money.

One-stop solution provider

We can provide you from a single die casting machine up to several fully featured working cells, with all the necessary peripherals to keep your production up an running.

Personalized care

We give every of our customers a personalized attention and provide them with custom solutions for their needs.

Global implementation

Our team of experts can implement your equipment and give support to your equipment anywhere in the world.

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