Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Pretransa Die Casting Machines?
It’s simple. We offer you get state of the art die casting machines with a reasonable price. There are also other high quality brands out there, but they will make you pay more. There are also some cheaper machines, but they don’t provide the quality you require for serious die casting.
Can you customize my die casting machine to my specific requirements?
Absolutely. Every die caster follows a unique process and has specific requirements. If you tell us about your requirements when acquiring your equipment, we will adapt it to your particular needs.
Are Pretransa die casting machines suitable for producing demanding parts, like the ones required by the automotive sector?
Without a doubt. Many of our customers work for OEM’s and Tier-1 companies. Our machines have been fully tested for years and are capable of producing quality parts for the most demanding customers in every industry.
Can Pretransa provide me with a full die casting work cell?
Of course we can. In fact, most of our customers prefer to get a turnkey project and deal with only one vendor. We produce not only die casting machines, but related peripheral equipment also.
Does Pretransa use proprietary technology / components in their machines?
Absolutely not. All of our machines are built with standard components from top of the line international suppliers. We definitely do not want you to be enslaved to some dark and expensive technology only provided by us.
I’m new to die casting. Can you assess me in the best way to start?
You can count on it. We have helped companies with no experience in die casting to take their first steps in this amazing industry. We teach them how to precisely set up their die casting machines and how to coordinate all the different elements in a work cell in order to optimize the casting cycle time.
Do I need a fully automated die casting work cell?
As a general rule, the most automated, the most profitable your operations will be. However, depending on your needs, you can start with a semi-automated system and upgrade later. The minimum configuration we recommend is getting the die casting machine plus the automatic metal loader.
How long does it take to produce a die casting machine?
This of course depend on several factors, but expect at least 3 to 6 months for the smaller models, and 5 to 8 months for the bigger ones.
I’ve seen you’re offering die casting machines with a toggle-less system. What advantages does it provide?
Our toggle-less machines use a hydraulic clamping system which is easier to maintain and to repair. The machines are also smaller and lighter.

In terms of results, both toggle and toggle-less systems work great. Some customers may want to stick with the toggle system because their maintenance team is used to it, while those who like to be in the technological edge, might prefer the toggle-less one.
Do Pretransa die casting machines have an injection process control system?
As a standard we offer an injection process control system along with our die casting machines, which allows to control the most important variables in the die casting process and enables the automatic discarding of those parts that do not meet the defined tolerances.

The system monitors in real time the most important variables in the die casting process and verifies that the pre-defined tolerance ranges are met. If a part fails one or more of the requirements of tolerance, it is automatically discarded by the extractor robot.

The system records information of every shot and generates various statistical analysis for later review. Such analysis and information are exportable in Excel format.
¿Puedo comunicarme con una máquina de fundición a presión Pretransa a través de internet?
Todas nuestras máquinas llevan incorporada esta opción
What does HPDC stand for?
High Pressure Die Casting
Can I ask for a quote from your website?
Of course. Simply fill in our configurator here.