Pretransa Die Casting Machines launches its new website

Pretransa Die Casting Machines, European manufacturer of cold chamber high pressure die casting machines, has announced the launching of its new website:

The new site offers information about die casting machines and other peripheral equipment manufactured by the company and has the latest adaptative technology, which gives visitors access through any device.

A remarkable feature is that the site has an equipment configurator, which allows visitors to configure a die casting machine or even a complete working cell and request a quote with the settings chosen from the same website.

Germán Lechuga, Sales and Marketing Manager for North America, said the new website is part of a comprehensive strategy of brand positioning of Pretransa Die Casting in the world of non-ferrous metal foundry:

"Pretransa Die Casting Machines has a long tradition in the world of casting of non-ferrous metals, and although we produce some of the best die casting machines globally with a very reasonable investment, we realized that the market was not sufficiently aware of it. This will undoubtedly change from now on."

"The foundries have a lot of pressure because their customers require them high quality parts in large quantities and with very tight deadlines. As a result, the correct choice of die casting machinery they need is critical in determining the profitability of their operations."

"Traditionally, foundry companies have had to choose between two options when looking for die casting machines: on one side are the low-cost suppliers, normally Asian, which offer machines with a low price but with the disadvantage not being able to provide constant pressure and speed that are necessary to obtain high quality parts -with the associated costs that this mean- and on the other side are the big brands, typically European, which offer machines with high quality/productivity but with the disadvantage that they require a very high investment. In both cases, the profitability of the foundry is impaired."

"Pretransa Die Casting has created a new category that offers the best of both worlds: machines with high quality/productivity with a reasonable investment. Thus our customers get the best cost / benefit ratio of the market. In other words, with Pretransa Die Casting your foundry business gets the best value for your money."

"The launch of the new website is the first step in a strategy that will allow Pretransa Die Casting Machines take its rightful place among the great names of the sector in the short term."