Pretransa Die Casting Machines increases the productivity of its trimming presses

Pretransa Die Casting Machines, European manufacturer of machinery for the nonferrous die casting industry, has announced the launch of its new models of trimming presses, which feature a parts extractor tray new movement system, which allows a faster working speed and therefore, a reduction of parts production cycle.

The new system allows a higher working speed and a more precise braking of the parts extractor tray, thereby reducing the production cycle. Additionally, the new system reduces the mechanical stress of the tray, which means fewer breakdowns and less maintenance costs.

According to Germán Lechuga, Sales and Marketing Manager for North America, the development of the new system is the result of the permanent effort of Pretransa Die Casting Machines to optimize the production cycle in the die casting industry.

“We know that the most important concern for our customers in the die casting industry is being able to produce the biggest number of high quality parts in the shortest time possible.”

“In the die casting process every little detail can contribute or go against such objective. This improvement in our trimming presses will certainly help our customers to improve their productivity and therefore to make their operations more profitable.”


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