New Mobile Die Casting Process Control Unit

Pretransa Die Casting Machines, European manufacturer of machinery for the nonferrous die casting industry, has announced the launch of its new Mobile Die Casting Process Control Unit, which allows foundries to control the most important variables in the die casting process and enables the automatic discarding of parts that do not meet the defined tolerances.

The new unit monitors in real time the most important variables in the die casting process and verifies that the previously defined tolerance ranges are met. If a part fails to comply with one or more of the tolerance requirements, it is automatically discarded by the extractor robot.

The unit records information from each injection and generates various statistical analysis for later review. Such analysis and the source information are exportable in Excel format.

According to Germán Lechuga, Sales and Marketing Manager for North America, the new Control Unit will help die casters to make their die casting process more efficient.

“High pressure die casting is a complex process affected by multiple variables. We wanted to help die casters to eliminate the manual validation of their produced parts and increase the automation of their process. With the use of an extractor robot along with our Control Unit the production cycle is reduced and you get instant feedback of the die casting process and possible incidences that might be occurring. In short, we reduce uncertainty and help improve the process.”

The new Die Casting Process Control Unit from Pretransa Die Casting Machines is transportable and adaptable to any die casting machine of the market using a displacement transducer and a pressure probe. If a foundry has several Die Casting Process Control Units, it is possible to monitor the operation of one or more die casting machines from a remote computer thanks to its incorporated internet connectivity.


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